The Natural Choice.


Authentic, chill, urban, melodic, smooth, engaging, real. This is where I live.

I'm often cast as the guy comparable to the poetic truth of Common and effortless charisma of Donald Glover. From the cool older brother to the conversational millennial, my voice is heard on tons of national commercial and narration work.
A velvety verbal saxophone you'd likely find sipping a milkshake in a snowstorm.
Confident, not cocky.

Voiceover Demos

Do You Need an Urban, African American Voice Actress?

Gabi Mason is my number one recommendation! We're the dynamic duo of urban voiceovers,
hired together on many projects and we're both in Charlotte, North Carolina! Gabi is the witty,
lively, soulful, silky, dynamic female voice you've been looking for.